Every professional trader has all started from the same point, the basics. No matter how tenured you may be in trading you never disregard the basics and the fundamentals of market trading philosophy. In order to become a professional you start right here.

The “market” has been around for centuries and even millennia if you consider the barter system of the agricultural revolution. But that’s a different topic. The term “market” refers to a place or group of places where people can exchange certain goods or services for money. During the Medieval period, markets became more international. Today there exists many types of markets, from your local supermarket for food and household goods, to real estate markets.

The most well known and most commonly traded are the equity market, the bond market, the foreign exchange market and the currency market, with the equity market being the most common among the public. The term equity refers to a company’s value or equity stock. This is where people hear the expression, “trading on the stock market”.

Each of these markets have a vast assortment of instruments that are “traded” on them. If we are gonna talk the basics there is no better way to start than to advise to sell high and buy low. That’s the key to success on any market. As this may sound simple it mostly is not. The basics of the market involve other aspects such as mental strength and patience. We have a step by step guide that will help you cruise into a comfortable position with your trades. It all starts with the basics!