Who are we?

Trade Support Group is comprised of a group of trading professionals, technical experts and financial analysts with a common goal.

Our company provides financial and trading education to people with all levels of knowledge (from basic to expert). We pay special attention to the financial market because it is an important part of the past and remains an important part of the future. 

The depths of the market are relatively new, meaning a lot of people don’t understand it. This is why we have experts specialized in Forex, commodities, mutual funds and stocks.

How we work?

We provide one on one trading education and financial advises to the individuals that choose this path. 

Trade Support Group aims to make education and the concept of making money on the market a team effort. We do not want clients only watching videos and reading a PDF file to ascertain information about the market. We make sure that each and every client is never left without an account manager or mentor to answer any question that will arise.

The collaborative effort of our team with our clients ensures that no person will be left feeling helpless when it comes to the goal of achieving financial success, thus making our chances of success all the greater.

What’s more important is why these efforts are made.

What is our mission?

Our goal is to help you gain deeper understanding of how the financial market works and how you can benefit from it.

A goal of total independence from financial strife and burdens is the aim for anyone, no matter what part of the world you call home.

The experts from Trade Support Group want to make sure you understand the financial industry and can invest more independently, meaning there won’t be a broker or company between you and your investment and no money lost for commission.

We aim to totally free individuals from the burdens of financial inferiority by creating a transparent approach with attainable step by step goals that will be reached by the end of each training course.

Simply put, we want everyone to reach a new height in financial freedom.