Our Goals for Our Clients

Our goal is simple and purposely driven. We teach our clients to trade on affordable accounts with our top tier strategies. We do not believe you have to invest more than you can afford in order to have a long lasting and successful trading account. “Build bridges and not walls”. Our clients learn to build small, affordable accounts into solid investment portfolios. Our professionals are driven to deliver 110% satisfaction to our clients and have created a wholesome learning environment that everyone prospers from. We truly believe that our relationships with our clients are as important as our clients becoming successful. We will be there with you every step of the way on the market.

Training Packages


Every professional starts here. Begin your financial freedom campaign today and start it off on the right foot. Here is where all new traders must begin.

Without the basics there is very little chance of success on the market. If you are at the beginning of your trading journey we will have a trained professional start you off on the right foot. From day one material and introduction to the next step we will be there with you. Let’s take our first step today!


The largest and most significant market in the world with TRILLIONS of dollars exchanged on a daily basis. Buy and sell and learn why and not only how.

The foreign exchange market is the decentralized market for the trading of all currencies of the world and is by far largest market in the world, followed by the credit market. Get educated today, live information that you want for the world’s most successful market. Opportunity awaits!

Technical Analysis

An in-depth look into what all successful traders understand in order to live freely and work whenever they want. It all started here! 

Learn how to master chart indicators . Your personal instructor will be able to show you how to detect possible huge breakouts! Are you looking for how to find a long-term trend, scalp trades, or how to hold a position and enter the market at an ideal time? Then we have exactly what you are looking for.


Can this truly be the future of currency?   You may receive your pension in crypto one day. Learn everything you need to know about it.

Without a doubt the most talked about instruments on the financial market today and for the past decade.  With the continued surge in Cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, Ethereum and even Cannabis coins, the crypto-market has drawn millions of interested investors.                                                                                                         


Ready for an exciting and volatile ride on the market? Buy the ticket, take the ride into the world of commodity trading and learn from a professional!

Want to know whether or not your Colombian coffee will cost more next year? Learn how to assess commodities ranging from sugar to corn or to precious metals like gold and platinum. The commodities market has a wide range of assets that consists of everyday items and materials, some that you may run your business with.

Stocks and Indices

Roll out the red carpet. The stock traders are here! Learn how to trade with stocks, with or without a suit and tie, from home.                        This is

Ready to step up your trading prowess? Whether it be buying shares in Facebook or Google, or selling off the “tulip mania” on the market we have advisers for all. Understand how to see the world from a professional traders eyes with transparent education for any stocks or indices of your choice.                        

You can be free. You can live and work anywhere in the world. You can be independent from routine and not answer to anybody.

Choose the best package for you

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tradesupport pricing tables


150 €


350 € /month


Live Trading Room

Weekly Newsletter

Must-Know basics For Forex and Stocks

Course review with quiz to ensure knowledge

Weekly scheduled call with your mentor

1 Adaptive Strategy



1200 €



Weekly briefing

Decide what you learn

Personal adaptive mentoring

Advanced skills training

Unlimited mentor access

3 Adaptive Strategies



1320 €

/3 months

3300€ /3 months


2 Weekly Webinars

Must Know Basics

Trading Psychology

Risk Management

Technical Analysis

8 Adaptive Strategies

tradesupport pricing tables


6000 €

/6 months


Trading psychology

Risk and position management

In depth risk management

Advanced skills training

Adaptive trading styles

15 Adaptive Strategies



9000 €



Weekly Calls With Mentor

In Depth Risk Management

Adaptive Trading Styles

Advanced Trading Strategies

Lifetime Mentoring Package

25 Adaptive Strategies


Today’s Accomplishments Were Yesterday’s Impossibilities.

See what our clients have to say about us…

Thanks to TSG I learned all of the basics of investing. When I was trying to do it alone everything seemed difficult and confusing but once explained by my mentor it all came to place. I am trading for 3 years now and there is nothing as complete for me as understanding why I am trading and not guessing. Would strongly recommend TSG to anyone who is looking to learn about the market but doesn’t know where to start from.
Kylie Lewis

Founder, Of Kin

I was looking for a way to invest my money with minimal risk, but have always heard that 97% of the traders lose their money and didn’t want to be one of them. Before investing on the market I decided to get more in dept knowledge and this is how I found Trade Support Group. After 3 months of training with them I made my first investment and had no fear because I was understanding how the market works and how to potentially profit from it. Using the strategies I learned from my mentor, I’m trading with confidence and after my package was up my mentor still gave me assistance!
Scott Briggs

Senior Associate, Museum Services, at Lee H. Skolnick Architecture + Design Partnership (LHSA+DP), New York

Trade support group has amazing professionals. I was already trading for 1 year when I joined TSG to improve my trading knowledge and learn new strategies. Definitely would recommend them to anyone and already did refer other people. They are always ready to help you , amazing customer support and excellent trading mentors.
Mark Higgins

Vice President, South Africa at Toll Global Forwarding

I have to be honest, I was not interested in the market at all initially. Six years ago I had just started my management position and had a lot of attention focused there. I was referred by a friend to TSG and a representative emailed me with a good time to call. I was reluctant to begin with until my curiosity got the best of me andI requested a call and started their 3 month program. I do not trade full-time and I am not a millionaire from trading but when I trade from my account I use the techniques and strategies that were given to me by my account manager. They prepared me for good and bad days on the market and made sure I wouldn’t become a risky trader with their risk management education.
Zsolt Partos

Managing Director, Tesco Stores Hungary

My account manager was amazing! She showed me live chart training and took me step by step on my demo account and proved that her strategies worked on the market. I completed the 6 month course a year ago and still stay in contact with my account manager and am happy to refer anyone I know to Trade Support Group!! Pleasantly surprised to find a team that works very hard for their clients.

Bns Denise Patricia Kingsmill

Member of the House of Lords, EU Financial Affairs Sub-Committee.New Zealand